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All the worlds greatest pleasures & treasures are more valued with experience, age & imagination xxx- I have a wide variety of tastes and am always drawn to a challenge and anything and anyone different so long as they are genuine!... xxOk, so now down to business, lets get this profile thing into perspective, ..right, where do I start?? .. ok, well firstly, please dont give me all the bullsh*tchat, because unlike daz automatic.. It wont wash! ..Secondly, I learnt English at school, not street text e!! ... reality check.."IT AINT ENGLISH!!!" so please dont send it... Cant stand pratts that compare the size of their maternity wear with the size of their shoes.. GO AWAY! .. as 9 times out of 10 its usually just fantasy! xOnly decent honest people please and if you fit the top criterea.. JOG ON!! ... Im a down to earth girl, laid back and live in the real world.. no plastic or hair hissy fits!! Im me and thats it, so if your looking for some dumb playboy bunny then may i suggest the 'top shelf e' at your local londis.. they should cater for the lack of brains! x ..i took one a multiple choice test somewhere and its a pretty 'spot on' result.. copy and pasted.. NOTE>> IT IS RESULTS COPIED AND PASTED, not me talkin in 3rd peron!!!!The overall answer patterns suggest that magicxbrain is well-versed with the complex games related to romance and passion, having had perhaps both meaningful and just-for-fun sexual experiences. People like magicxbrain may seem to have different sides â

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