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Heyas :) ... hmmz wat to write here ... ( befor i start opologies in advance my spellings sucks )Friends would describe me : I am kind, caring, slightly mad (in a good way)..loyal / trusting /genuine / honest / funny / good mum / good looking / tactile / sensual / understanding / loving ..and awsome sence of humour.( asked them and cheeted opsy! )Id like to agree with all of the above, they know me well :)Im a very down to earth type, not one these women always out shopping and getting there hair n nails done.Owned a scrapyard for a while and run a couple businesses in the past and loved it ...love getting my hands dirty .. if its in the garden building walls diy decorating or working on ya car or washing the dishes and doing the dredded ironing like to take my hand to anything :)As for dislikes well hmmz lemmi see: DONT LIKE : Players / mind games / confruntasion / men who think there awsome cus of the brand of car they drive / liers / cheats / oh and tomartoes ;) im alergic to them :)What do i like : Music all different genre / countryside walks / the beach winter or summer / spending time with my kids / good movies and old comedies (as i say below) / Being apreshiated / Enjoying life and smiling :) and many many more things just ask :) (gotta leave summat for us to chat about after all) lolLove movies and old comedies ..only fools / bottom / on the busses / red dwarf tht kinda thing ...Not much into tv and soaps do my head in what a loada rubbish lol ...Music is a big part of my life ..love it (listening to it tht is) cant play anything and sound like a strangled cat on heat if i sing so plz dont ask lolLove playing with computers they fasinate me .. fixing them and finding out new things about them ...bit of a techi head ..self taught over 20 yrs lol What am i looking for inna guy: Trust / Loyalty / Consideration / Understanding / GSOH / Not shallow / Love / Same or Simlar likes to me / Not a player or into mind games

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