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living life one day at a time
Bangor, Northern Ireland
Ahhh, this part!Damn, I don't really love talking about myself but lets see...I am very laid back and pretty open minded, I love to have a laugh and just enjoy myself but I also take my studies very seriously (lol)I wish to become a nurse and travel the world working in the different countries in need being able to help them in any way I can.I love going out, to a pub specially and a club from time to time. I also love going on little road trips with my friends and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! (Cant take it for granted over here)What else hmmm... I like almost every genre of music there is, taking apart the rave bit where is just noise distortion for my ears! anything else is very welcome, but im quite a fan or rock and indie music, which I love to listen to when chilling :)I

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